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About Sprandi

  • Sprandi International Limited is a dynamic international footwear, apparel and accessories company operating in the fields of Sports, Outdoor and Active Lifestyle. We design, develop, engineer and test our product through a network of internationally located centers to ensure we can be confident that our products perform. We incorporate the latest developments in technology, materials and manufacturing to provide comfort under tough conditions

  • Our products are offered under two trade marks: SPRANDI brand sportswear and footwear for a diverse range of sports and recreation. Earth Gear brand apparel and footwear designed for outdoor recreation

  • We design attractive, well featured product appropriate to the customers needs and divide it into three Worlds:  the Sports Performance World, the Outdoor World and the Urban World. Each world has its own demands in terms of performance and expectations in terms of materials, technologies and those elements that make products desirable

  • Available through independent retailers, our franchisees and our own Concept Stores. In the latter, our entire product assortment is displayed in one of Three Worlds: the Sports Performance World, the Outdoor World and the Urban World, Each area displays its products in an interesting, attractive way and helps our customers find what theyre looking for

  • Distributed throughout Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania Czech Republic, India and Hong Kong, our products have gained a reputation for long lasting, no nonsense performance.

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